Bio-Identical Hormone Testing and Treatment
Athens, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia 
Bio-Identical Hormone Doctor
Menopause, Andropause, Testosterone, Saliva Testing
Reverse the Effects of STRESS
12+ Years of Experience and Thousands of Happy Patients
 Are You Experiencing.......

Mental Fog      Forgetfulness     Low Sex Drive
Lack of Energy     Poor Sleep     Hot Flashes
Cold Hands/Feet     Weight Gain    
Food Cravings     poor muscle mass

Feel Better in DAYS In Just 3 Easy Steps....

1.  Initial Consultation with Dr. Zengo, a nationally known expert in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy at our Athens, GA headquarters.
2.  Accurately Test for Hormone Deficiencies in Blood and Saliva.
3.  Treat
the imbalances with natural bio-identical hormones and start feeling better in days!

Follow-Up visits available live in Athens, GA, Atlanta, GA or by phone or video conference. Mail Order Supplements and Bio-Identical Hormone Prescriptions also available.

Appointments:  706-769-5757
Gregory P. Zengo, MD
New Image Medical Aesthetics and Wellness
2 S. Main St.  Ste. 206
Watkinsville, GA  30677

* We accept virtually all heath insurance except Medicare, Medicaid, and Kaiser.  Salivary Testing is covered by some PPO insurances.  Discounted cash visits/labs available for patients without insurance or who have high deductibles.